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House Through Time

Finding out who lived in your house in the past, and bringing them to life, can be fascinating.

Many people live in an interesting old house and wonder about who lived there in the past. We have helped to bring to life many details about former occupants, such as their occupation. Like Silverae, which was owned in the 19th century by a ship owner who traded with America. Or Pegu Cottage, lived in by a forge master, whose son became a surgeon.

Silverae house in Ardrossan

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House History Frequently Asked Questions:

We know the address! So normally we first look at the old Censuses to see who was living there over the years. Sometimes we find one family has lived in the house for many years; other times, it has changed hands a number of times. So we can then decide which family or families to trace.
Finding the house isn’t always easy! Many houses did not have a number in the 19th century. Or the street may have been renumbered. If the house has a name, has that been changed by new owners?

The report is similar to that for your ancestors. Depending on how far you want us to go, we will trace the lives of the families over many years. We aim to bring them to life in many ways. Just think, they lived in the same rooms as you, bringing up their family, going out to work or play, growing old!

Yes we can! We are discreet, because we respect people’s privacy. If we make contact, we will outline our findings to the current occupants, without names – then ask them if they would be happy to meet you. We have helped to arrange many memorable meetings over the year!

We can help you in whatever way suits you best. After your free consultation, we give you options so you can decide how far you would like our professional genealogists to go on your behalf. Please get in touch by filling out a form and we will respond within 24 hours. 

How to Connect with your House History

We regularly dive into the history of neighbourhoods up and down the country — the original purpose of the houses and what inspired their occupants, and life on the streets where the inhabitants would have spent so much time. The Connor ancestors had lived in Canterbury in the early 19th century, in an area with a history going back to Roman times. Or the lively Brick Lane, where the house that the ancestors had lived in, was now a restaurant.

Key factors in tracing their ancestry are those connected to the occupants of the house and their family, such as their status. We have many different examples where we’ve done House Through Time research for people who wanted to bring the former inhabitants of their house to life.

We look at the houses of your ancestors, the people who were there before them and the history and times that they lived through. Often we retrace the footsteps of the former house owner and this helps inspire the current residents to find out more about the people and families that lived in a house back through time.

It works the other way too. Like when we knock on the door of a house, and tell the current owners about descendants of people who’d lived in their house many years ago. Terri came from Australia and we’d arranged for her to meet the occupants of three different houses that her ancestors had lived in before emigrating in the mid 19th century.

Many fascinating stories are brought to life through House History research. This feeling of connection prompts people to look further into the history of their house.

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