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We passionately believe that family history is not just about dates and places but about bringing your ancestors to life.

Our friendly and professional researchers love sharing their expertise with you to trace your family back in time and produce a fascinating report about the lives of your ancestors.

Research Through People is based in the United Kingdom and can help you research your ancestors in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We can also help those living abroad who have British ancestors.

An area we specialise in is migration


We can help British people with ancestors or relatives who migrated from one part of the country to another or who emigrated from Great Britain. We can also help those living abroad who have British ancestors. We have associates in various countries in America, Australasia and Europe who can carry out research on the ground where it is necessary.

“Thank you very much for all your hard work. Your perseverance has certainly paid off and I am thrilled with the amount of detail you have accumulated over the past few weeks.”

Cathi L, Australia

What we do to trace your ancestors.

The first step to make is to contact us for a free consultation about your family to agree what we will do on your behalf.

We offer various packages and the extent of research depends on which one you choose.

Our packages for anniversaries, such as Silver, Ruby or Golden weddings, are one of those presents guaranteed to last!

Examples of the various packages we offer are:

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“This is all down to your amazing work. You’re just magic. I can spend hours on this stuff - just fascinating.”

Steph G, Scotland

“You have done a great job filling so many gaps and setting the whole thing out logically. I hope that my children will one day find it all as interesting and useful as I do!”

Ian M, England