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At Research Through People we are committed to producing quality, value for money work for our customers


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Family Tree Research Packages

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages are designed to meet the requirements of most of our clients. We will agree what we will do on your behalf during the free consultation. Please feel free to ask about our three main packages.


From £99

What our customers say

We believe in keeping things simple

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages cover most situations. They enable us to agree a price, so you know how much it will cost, and we know how far to go with our research on your behalf.

Normal search fees, certificate costs, copying, postage in UK and local travel expenses are included. If there are likely to be exceptional costs such as for additional certificates or travel to family locations, we will advise you.

We are flexible and can agree an estimated cost with you for any situation. Or you can set a limit on how much you wish to spend for any agreed research.


Our packages make ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and Christmas.

What better than for children to combine to give their parents one of our packages for their Silver, Ruby or Golden wedding?

It’s one of those presents guaranteed to last! We offer a special Gift Certificate on parchment.

What our customers say

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