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Researching your English or other Ancestry – What can you Expect?


People naturally wonder what they would get from asking Research Through People to research their ancestors. Here, recent clients share their experience.

Ancestor Stories

Peter asked us to research his ancestors; and his wife Jenny followed. They now live in Somerset but had come from Yorkshire (Peter) and Lincolnshire (Jenny). We found and put them in touch with a number of living relatives, including Peter’s cousins, Sue & Kay, who he’d not met for more than 20 years. Kay and husband Mike now live in Scotland but were both from Yorkshire.

Family History Report – What to expect

What did you get out of this?

“I was amazed and didn’t know what to expect.  The amount of detail you have included is quite incredible.  I keep finding new bits and think I must follow that up!”

“I had had a go at doing it myself but went down all kinds of wrong routes. The main benefit is that I now have knowledge of my father’s family going back to before the 18th century which is absolutely fantastic”

“I was the only surviving member of my family; and had no connection with many of my cousins. Thank you for helping to go back to about 1700.  I got so much out of it – it’s been an absolute joy”

“It’s been wonderful to meet up with our long lost cousins with their family memorabilia.”

“You were very careful to double check things – and not just take the first thing that you found”

“I think exploring the occupations of our ancestors and what they actually did and where they lived was fascinating – and how they moved depending on their occupation.”

Pleasant surprises

“ I discovered that I didn’t come from Yorkshire but had had a background in Lancashire and Devon. Really interesting.”

“We lived in Holbeach in south Lincolnshire in the 1980s for a couple of years and had no idea that the majority of my 19th century relatives came from that area”.


Family History Report

“The report was very professional and easy to follow, even though it was so much detail!”

“It was great having all the census reports and looking at the records and who was living in the houses. The maps and pictures of houses were all very useful.”

“All the detail so quickly, all written up beautifully and referenced.”

Researching Ancestry Service

“Very fast and not too expensive either. Good value and very quick.”

“Very communicative, emailing when you’d discovered something. A little taster before the report was ready.”

Discover when a free consultation can help your research.

The best thing about a genealogy consultation is that it’s free and always focused on you. Whether you have English ancestors, Scottish ancestors and/or ancestors from other countries, we can help you.

After your free consultation, we will suggest options to meet your requirements and budget; and then produce a fascinating Family History Research report about the lives of your ancestors.

Simply fill out a contact form and our friendly professional genealogist will respond and answer any questions you may have.

You can also read our blog articles such as Researching your English Family History and Bringing Your Ancestors from Scotland to Life to learn more.

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